Revive Your Fence with Professional Staining Services in Dayton.

OUTDOOR INSTALLATION is known for its diverse collection of stunning fences, but even the most beautiful fences can start to look worn out and dull over time. A deteriorating fence can be a red flag to intruders and also convey an unwelcoming impression to onlookers. But don’t worry, We are here to help!

We specialize in providing professional staining services for fences in Dayton,  using only the highest-quality materials to ensure your fence looks as good as new. Our team of experts takes great care in preparing your fence for staining, ensuring that it can withstand the weather in Dayton and resist damage for years to come.

Dayton Quality Fence Staining Company

 we believe that a fresh coat of stain can breathe new life into your fence and give your property the boost it needs to look its best. Our team will work with you to choose the right stain color and finish to match your personal style and enhance the look of your fence. The Outdoor Installation is a great choice for staining fences.

Don’t let a dull, worn-out fence detract from the beauty of your property. Choose Outdoor Installation  for professional staining services in Dayton Ohio and enjoy a stunning, weather-resistant fence for years to come. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and give your fence the makeover it deserves!


Don't settle for a company that treats staining as sidework!

Professional staining beautifies and protects your wood investment for years to come.  Staining can also be used to make your old wood look new again.  This is a much more cost effective method than a pricey new fence.

Our goal is simple: to complete your fence staining project with the highest level of quality and service. Whether it’s wooden fences, decks, or pergolas, we aim to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

If you have an old, grey wood fence that has seen better days, we can restore it to look like new again, usually in the same day.

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